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So here we are. Ich lerne gern Deutsch. Lernen Sie auch Deutsch? For German experts, I add in each post simple sentences with English translations of what I want to express. Please feel free to comment or correct. Thank you!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

German Word of the Day Widget for "Webbielady Lernt Deutsch" Blog

learn German word of the day widgetToday, I added the German Word of the Day widget in this blog, "Webbielady Lernt Deutsch".--> See the right sidebar (mid area of the blog). I find it a very helpful tool for me and for anyone who will visit this site. The word changes everyday so I better check my own site in a daily basis for this feed. If you like also to see the German Word of the Day, simply pass by here and see it. I am also collecting the words and theire respective meanings so that I can review them during weekends. A nice idea, isn't it?

The lovelier part? I will put the nominnative article, der, die or das, to each word if its applicable since our widget does not provide it.

Feel free to visit here everyday or to visit - The Fastest Way to Learn German Guaranteed as these words are from there, I am just taking note so that I will have chance to review on weekends.

Find below the collection of the words:

der Röntgenbild

Meaning: x-ray
Sample German Sentence Usage: "Der Doktor und die Krankenschwester machen ein


von dem Brustkorb des Patienten."

Sample Sentence Translated in English: "The doctor and the nurse are taking an x-ray of the patient's chest."

More Phrases in German ad their English Translations

-Röntgenbild des Brustkorb (x-ray of the chest)

-Röntgenbild eines Knochens (x-ray of a bone)

die Fachhochschule
Meaning: college
Sample German Sentence Usage: "Ich habe Engineering studiert, als ich auf die Fachhochschule gegangen bin."
Sample Sentence Translated in English: "I studied engineering while I was in college."
More Phrases in German ad their English Translations
-Fachhochschule für Engineering (College of Engineering)

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