You try to learn something in German! That's what brought you here, right? You are in the right track. As a learner of the German Language, I created this blog to share resources I found online or from school when I find them very useful. In this manner, I can just go here and look at them again when I need to review them or if I forgot something.
So here we are. Ich lerne gern Deutsch. Lernen Sie auch Deutsch? For German experts, I add in each post simple sentences with English translations of what I want to express. Please feel free to comment or correct. Thank you!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Learn Vehicle Words in German: Vocabulary

I have learn German Vegetables here, "Das Gemüse" and I have also learned all the fruits introduced here, naturally in German. It's quite limited in volume but it's a good thing too: overflowing information will discourage the brain! This time is to learn about vehicles, and their German names! Learn with me, yes,learn with Webbielady.

The video has images, pronunciation, article that goes with the noun, and short test at the end of the video to test the learned vocabulary words. Feel free to come back here from time to time and learn with me. I actually reviewed also what I learned in the past and this is the best way to retain the knowledge and make it solid!I have to admit the gender articles are quite a challenge.

Ich habe ein altes Fahrrad. (I have an old bike.)

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