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So here we are. Ich lerne gern Deutsch. Lernen Sie auch Deutsch? For German experts, I add in each post simple sentences with English translations of what I want to express. Please feel free to comment or correct. Thank you!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Learn Vegetables in German: "Das Gemüse"

I found this learning material from youtube to be very useful and helpful. It has various aids for the learner: good quality video, very good images, sound and pronounciation and at the end, the learner will be tested if he/she remembers the words. It is very effective for me.

I hope the video will have the same useful effect on you. It's really fun to know that some vegetables are called so strangely like the carrot, which is called "die Möhre". I could never have imagined that "Möhre" is the word for carrot. Some are not that strange such as spinach which "Spinat" but still majority of them are really new tome.

"Isst du gern Kartoffeln?" (Do you eat potatoes?)

"Ja ich finde die gekochte Kartoffeln lecker...sehr lecker!" (Yes, I find the cooked potatoes yummy...really yummy!)

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  1. btw there is a second word for carrot which is "die Karotte";-)))