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So here we are. Ich lerne gern Deutsch. Lernen Sie auch Deutsch? For German experts, I add in each post simple sentences with English translations of what I want to express. Please feel free to comment or correct. Thank you!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lean Fruits in German: Das Obst

We various vegetables in German. After repeating it around 5times, I think they stick in my head forever. Such a great aid in learning! The even better news? They have their respective articles in them: der, das, and die which is one of the greatest challenge inlearning too. Yes, having the articles ready in learning these vocabulary wordsor nouns is very helpful.

This time let's learn the words for fruits in German. Although this is not included in the video, to refer to fruits in general, we can say "das Obst" in German as their collective name (combination of various fruits). The specific names of some fruits are presented below.

"Ein Apfel pro Tag den Arzt fernhält." /(An apple a day keeps the doctor away.)

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  1. Very important information provide about German fruits....