You try to learn something in German! That's what brought you here, right? You are in the right track. As a learner of the German Language, I created this blog to share resources I found online or from school when I find them very useful. In this manner, I can just go here and look at them again when I need to review them or if I forgot something.
So here we are. Ich lerne gern Deutsch. Lernen Sie auch Deutsch? For German experts, I add in each post simple sentences with English translations of what I want to express. Please feel free to comment or correct. Thank you!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Begnner German Test with Ready Answer Key... Have Fun!

Below is a simple German quizz for beginner learners with answer keys at the bottom. You can repeat as many times as you can until you perfect it and until you have learned the formula. You can always express your scores in the comment section such as: (1) how much you got for the first try; (2) how many times you tried till you perfected it, etc. Let's make our German learning fun! Join the club! :)

Below is the test: take note: Webbielady is a name and Bloggerin is the female Blogger! Good luck with the quizz and I wish you so much fun! Cheers to German learners!

Ja, ich lerne gern Deutch. Deutsch ist sehr fantastisch! (Yes, I like learning German. German is really fantastic!)

Was passt zusammen? Wählen Sie jeweils eine sinnvolle Ergänzung.

Die Lösung erfahren Sie, wenn Sie auf die Ampel klicken und mit der Maus dort verweilen.


Ich heiße


Ich wohne


Ich bin


Meine Muttersprache ist


Ich spreche auch


Ich lese gern


Ich spiele gern

Once you have placed your answers, check if they are correct:
1. Webbielady; 2. in Amsterdam; 3. Bloggerin; 4. Englisch; 5. Französisch und Englisch; 6. Romane; 7. Tennis

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